Monday, March 28, 2011

Dream: A Strange One

I couldn't think of anything to title this dream that wouldn't be triggering or just bizarre.  Here goes, I dreamt this last night:

(For: genitals, sexual acts, bodily fluids) 

There was an older man lounging on a couch and he pulled out his penis, but it was very very tiny, like freakishly small, about the size and thickness of a woman's thumb.  He asked me to give him a hand job and I really didn't want to and I was kind of disturbed and surprised, but he kept insisting, telling me to just touch it a little and he demonstrated how. 

Reluctantly I walked over and touched it.  He almost immediately orgasmed and when he did he ejaculated across the side of my head and over onto my back.  It was warm and I was really bothered by it. 

That's the end of the dream as far as I can remember. 

I find it strange, because the man had a little penis.  I've dreamt about men with freakishly large, frightening penises, but never a little tiny one.  I'm struggling to understand what the meaning of this dream could possibly be. 


  1. I can help you interpret your dream... although it may be difficult since it is not recent anymore. Do you remember what happened the day before? The dream material is spawned by the day before. Who was the man? Was he a mix of people, like looks like your uncle but feels like an old boyfriend? Some times the dream represents people together. What do you think of when you think about the end of that dream? What random thoughts come to your mind? Let's pretend that all dreams are hidden messages telling you what you want. Obviously you didn't want the actual content of the dream. How is it a disguised thing you want?

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