Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dream: My Hand

(For: knives, violence)

I have a recurring dream where my hand gets either stabbed or sliced.  The pain is just terrible and searing.  When I wake up I can still feel it.

Earlier this week I had a dream that I was climbing some stairs and a woman was mad at me.  She threw a knife and it stabbed through my hand and into the railing.  I grabbed the knife and rocked it back and forth to loosen it out of the wood so that I could pull it out.  I can still feel what it felt like.  

Usually it is a knife in these dreams.  Once it was a triangle shaped rounded blade (like a guitar pick) that a man said was ceremonial and the cut happened after I tried to save some children that he was keeping captive for a ritual.

Is the recurrent nature of this dream symbolic or literal?  I guess I won't know until my memories return. 

Does anyone out there with DID or DDNOS have similar recurring dreams?  What are your thoughts about them?


  1. Hi (I am from pandys) I have similar dreams and have DID.
    I too keep a dream journal, but mine is Baddd graphic. its the only way I can get the dreams out of my head and function.

    I have learned a lot about dreams. Sometimes the recurring dream is a memory piece, sometimes its something your not dealing with. Since it continues to happen in different ways I would say its symbolic-something youre not dealing with. Was that hand ever used in abuse? the pain could be the guilt/hatred of it having been used...

    There is a good website/dream dictionary+ info on dreams at www.dreammoods.com if youre interested.


  2. I think its normal. I have recurring nightmares or themes in a nightmare too, though I often cant remember them unless its one that plagues me for an extended period of time.

  3. i have only begun therapy for PTSD and have not been formally diagnosed with DID, but from my own research, I think it's possible that I have this disorder, or at least several symptoms of the disorder. I also have recurring dreams, many that are similar to what you describe. in my dreams i'm usually a little boy, which is an alter of myself, i think. i used to imagine myself as a boy, when i was younger. i have recurring dreams about being imprisoned in a concentration camp, gulag, prison, basement, dungeon, or on a few occasions a scary house like the one in the Saw movies. in my dreams i always escape, sometimes alone, sometimes leading the escape for myself and a few others, and then the "bad guy" or "bad guys" start chasing me and i am running but not fast enough (sometimes it's like running on sand, other times it's running normally but just not good enough, usually i try to scream and can't). then i get caught and hurt. usually i'm tortured in some way. several times the next scene is me naked in a room, being beaten and taunted. once i was naked in a cage, having someone poke an open wound in my leg with a stick but the cage was so small, i couldn't move or defend myself.

    these are the recurring themes of most of my nightmares, although i've had a few that were so "normal" i questioned whether they were memories or actual dreams.

    do you know of any resources for studying this sort of thing? i'm not sure if they represent some kind of unresolved emotion that resolving could make them stop.

    thank you for this transparent and honest blog. it's amazingly helpful to those of us who have felt like freaks for so long.